Synth Love Keys | Prototype January 2021 | Audio Engineer
I made this keyboard as a proof of concept. I wanted to find how I might add a customizable synthesizer to a video game. By using Wwise's Synth One instrument and several real time parameter controllers (RTPCs) I was able to make a prototype of how I would implement it! I really enjoyed the explorative process of making this, so I wanted to share it here, have fun!
EDGElord | June 2020-Present | Producer & Audio Engineer
EDGElord is a dark eldritch comedy in which you play as an edgy teenager that happens to become the worlds most powerful cult leader, and our worlds last stand against the forces that would see us consumed. EDGElord is a project I began with three friends so that we could help each other grow as creators, the polished MVP has a ways to go, but I wanted to bring you the tracks I have finished so far. 
These songs were composed using Wwise and have natural randomization, transitions, and loops. But for ease of listening I have a recorded version here for you. A large part of gameplay has to do with going to several different shops around town, each housing a different unique feeling and character. I have a few more in the works, but I hope you enjoy this sneak peak!
During the 2020 Game Maker's Toolkit game jam I joined several talented game designers I knew from the Robits project, who now work at Playstation, Blizzard, Warner Brothers & Disruptive Games to learn from and create a game in under 48 hours. This year's theme, "out of control!" which lead us to make this silly physics based game. In those 48 hours I made all the music and sound effects, then implemented them into Unreal.
Quest for Cold Ones | GMTK 2020 | Sound Design & Implementaion
Kidgilantes | Spring 2020 | Sound Effects & QA
The sound design for Kidgilantes was a collaborative effort between myself and Mason Taylor. My contribution to the team came in the form of sound effects cohesive to the stylized world, and direction on how Mason could use dynamic composition to improve the music of Kidgilantes. Additionally I had been playtesting each build to give the team in-depth feedback on our systems, and overall design.
Seamless | Winter 2019 - Spring 2020 | Sound Design & QA
The sound effects of Seamless were designed to aid the feeling of fast-paced, samurai style combat. The dynamic compositions of Seamless were made in collaboration with professional shamisen player Kyle Abbott to achieve the same tone. This collaboration with Kyle was my first delve into studio style recording and it was an amazing learning experience.
My work for Last Lullaby was stretched thin between three different tasks, most of my time being spent on the implementation side. With a team of only three, and a time budget of less than three months this game left a lot of for me to desire, the process of making this game taught me a great deal about prioritization on a short time budget.
Last Lullaby | Spring 2019 | Sound Design, Level Design, & Implementation
Robits | Fall 2018 | Sound Design
My contribution to Robits was as a sound designer, I composed pieces and created sound effects that gave perspective to their later sound designer as to what the sound of Robits would be. This was my first project with a real DAW and lead to my passion in learning all I could about audio engineering.