Sound Design
Monster Hunter Sound Re-Design| 2022 | Foley & Synthesis
This is one of my current sound design projects I am creating outside of work to challenge myself. I recorded gameplay from one of my favorite games, and have begun making my own audio for them from scratch. Every sound you hear will be completely made by me. I have several more clips in the works, but I wanted to put some of the project up as soon as I could.
Jackbox Game's Audition| February 2021 | Foley & Composition
This project was an audition for a lead audio position at Jackbox Game's. I was given this video with nothing but the voice and several days to record/synthesize original sound effects and compose the music for it. The music would later be used in The Eldritch Circles as it fit the game's theme so well. All in all the project took about 24 cumulative hours.